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01/06/2019 · Saeterbakken, AH, Andersen, V, Jansson, J, Kvellestad, AC, and Fimland, MS. Effects of BOSU balls during sit-ups with body weight and added resistance on core muscle activation. Stomach Crunches on a Bosu Ball An Effective Abdmoinal Exercise. You can do stomach crunches or ab curl ups sometimes called partial sit ups on many different surfaces and the Bosu Ball will give you a slightly different workout from the floor or an exercise ball. Bosu ball v-ups is a gym work out exercise that targets abs and also involves glutes & hip flexors. Refer to the illustration and instructions above for how to perform this exercise correctly. Hollow body rock hold, decline bench crunches / sit-ups and medicine ball rotational passes are related exercise that target the same muscle groups as bosu ball v-ups. Learn how to exercise by doing the sit up on the bosu and a medicine ball throw. EXERCISE DETAILS: Primary Muscle Group: abs and obliques Secondary Muscle Group: chest, hip flexors, lats, pec minor, serratus anterior, traps - lower, triceps. One key tip for sit-ups is to focus on the ab contraction, rather than the end result. If you sit up too far or fast, you’ll lose control and miss out on the ab contraction. Start by sitting on the front edge of the bosu ball. Hold your fingertips behind your head without pulling on your head or neck. Stretch back to feel your abs elongate.

21/10/2011 · Sit-ups done on a ball are something halfway between a crunch and a sit-up because it's difficult to find a position on the ball that allows the torso to come up to perpendicular, or sitting position. To do sit-ups on a stability ball, first sit on the ball with your feet flat on the floor. Now one of the few areas that you can potentially use a bosu ball for is ab work. This goes for other forms of unstable surface training as well, like the swiss ball. Studies have revealed that there can be greater core muscle activation doing crunches or sit-ups on a bosu ball. These were the 15 best BOSU ball exercises that you can do to tone your entire body or concentrate on one of your problem areas. Add this equipment to your exercise routine and gain strength and stability. And then, you can step up to stability ball exercises. BOSU ball exercises are the first step to take on the next fitness challenge. 27/03/2017 · The 13 BOSU Ball Ab Exercises That Are Actually Safe to Do by: Yuri Elkaim It’s easy to glance at some pieces of gym equipment – especially those that look like a sliced-in-half stability ball – and assume they’re just another passing fad.

Balance trainer workouts add an element of instability. The structure of the BOSU ball challenges your balance, forcing your body to recruit more muscles from your core in order to maintain stability. That ultimately means that every BOSU ball exercise is an ab exercise, not just crunches and sit-ups. A split squat performed on a BOSU ball does wonders for your lower body. In addition to strengthening your hips, butt, and legs, it also challenges your core, targets each leg unilaterally, and works on the small muscles of your foot and ankle to enhance balance. Place the BOSU ball on the ground with the platform facing up.

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